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Hey! Welcome to my weekly newsletter. It’s going to be great! Each week I’ll post some original video or audio content of mine. This gem was for my little girl when she was brand new:

My life is about to turn upside down as I move from my home of ten years in Washington, DC to a new spot in the Portland, Maine area. Everyone asks me the same question: “Was this your wife’s idea?” No, dammit! It was my idea. Why do you ask, because it’s the suicide of my comedy career? I disagree! From what I hear – which isn’t much since that Huey Lewis concert – Portland has a booming comedy scene with lots of great talent. I just hope to make a solid contribution, get noticed and plucked away to a life of eating grapes off the vine that are handed to me by gorgeous naked women. And Portland is where that all begins.

I depart at the end of February so I’ve launched my “Farewell DC” tour. I’ll appear at several of my favorite venues for some stand-up, including Bus Boys & Poets in Shirlington tonight, Big Bear Cafe in DC tomorrow, Songbyrd in DC on Friday and Cafe Saint-Ex in DC on Sunday.

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