As the Senate trial of President Trump commenced last week I considered the sad fact that I arrived in Washington, DC in mid-2009 at the height of progressive optimism and I depart at our lowest depths, the country in crisis, the president impeached and, worse, surely not convicted. But hey, DC property values are still on the rise so not all is lost.

On top of this, my beloved Red Sox are probably about to be formally reprimanded by MLB for stealing signs in 2018, tainting their World Series championship that year. We’ll see how that plays out but they’ve already fired their manager, Alex Cora, over the hullabaloo. It doesn’t look good.

More locally, I cleaned up the house this week so I could show it to a couple prospective renters, and I meant to immediately take pictures of the immaculate spaces before they became disasters again. That way, if the people didn’t rent our place we would have great-looking pictures necessary to post it for rent. But of course I didn’t get it done and now three days have gone by and the place is all messed up again and the people don’t seem interested in renting our place. Grief!

Otherwise things are progressing smoothly. I have now lined up a final appearance at Cafe Saint-Ex on Friday, February 21 at 8pm. Alex Barbag and I will each do 30 minute sets and we won’t even charge admission. A nice farewell to DC.

This week’s clip is the episode of the “Do Good Feel Good” podcast I appeared on earlier this month. It was a strange and in many ways unnecessary conversation and I’m glad I got the chance to participate: