Matt Dundas is a comedian who focuses on parenting, marriage and the decay of modern society. Matt spent several years based in Washington, D.C., opening for national acts such as Jimmy O. Yang, Jena Friedman and Alonzo Bodden, before making the big move up north to pursue his comedy dreams under the bright lights of Portland, Maine. Matt was the newest regular at Portland’s Empire Comedy Club and various spots around the New England before the coronavirus left us all in a Mad Maxian hellscape and Zoomed us all to our fate of virtual comedy shows. Preferring to stare out the window forlornly than performing live comedy from his basement, Matt is passing the pandemic eating popcorn with his two small kids and producing the occasional sketch comedy video.

Still reading? A stay-at-home dad during the day (who adores his family, he swears), Matt made a few video shorts when he only had one kid and she couldn’t talk yet, and a couple of them gained him some renown. “The Education” won a really obscure online video award in 2015 (but a $200 gift certificate for B&H ain’t crappy), and his two submissions to the Democracy For All competition in 2016 both took home prizes, first for his comedic rant with the baby, then for a dramatic musical masterpiece.

Seriously? Still reading? Matt enjoys ice cream, baseball and dreaming of a future with renewable energy, free universal health care and an American political system that is unbeholden to wealthy elites who long ago lost touch with the public interest and instead prop up politicians who propagate false information to distort policy outcomes in their own personal favor at the expense of the masses. Oh, and hiking.