“Campaign Season”

“Campaign Season” is a podcast about political campaigning in America. Host Matt Dundas welcomes professional campaigners, political scientists, historians, comedians and others he deems “interesting and relevant” to converse about the nature of campaigning: why and how it is done, and what those motivations, tactics and strategies can tell us about the nature of humanity in the American Experiment. Search for it on Apple, Spotify, Stitcher and Google Play or paste the feed: https://mattcomedy.com/category/campaign-season/feed.

Or listen to episodes below:

Episode 6 – Shrooms on the Ballot Campaign Season

Melissa Lavasani of Decriminalize Nature DC discusses Initiative 81, which would make “magic” mushrooms among the lowest law enforcement priorities of the police in Matt’s former hometown of Washington, D.C.
  1. Episode 6 – Shrooms on the Ballot
  2. Episode 5 – Bud For Minnesota
  3. Episode 4 – Maine Street Fight
  4. Episode 3 – Alaska Strikes Oil
  5. Episode 2 – Oklahomans For Something!

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