CS009 – Ommfg wtf imo

Matt provides an update on the previously covered campaigns after commenting on the president’s debate performance and subsequent Covid-19 diagnosis. Episode transcript: MATT DUNDAS: Hello and welcome to Campaign Season. I’m Matt Dundas, I’ll keep hosting. Dang. It is an unusual day in an unusual year in an unusual life. It’s October 3, 2020, theContinue reading “CS009 – Ommfg wtf imo”

CS007 – Meet Rick Just, Boise, Idaho

Idaho 15th District State Senate hopeful Rick Just joins Matt to discuss his candidacy, his campaign, and the fate of humanity. Interview Transcript: Matt Dundas (MD): The first thing I wanted to say – somebody has to have pointed this out cause it’s just too coincidental – but electric! Electric! Your campaign is electric! ElectricJust,Continue reading “CS007 – Meet Rick Just, Boise, Idaho”