Um, it’s Election Day!

Just a quick word of good luck to all today! It will either go down as the day America re-found its soul, the day it re-lost it, or the day everyone thought America would re-find or re-lose its soul but in fact saw very little change. On top of that, there are literally thousands of races that don’t make the national news much, such as those we covered in the first 13 episodes of “Campaign Season.”

Best of luck to all we featured, such as the initiatives for sentencing reform in Oklahoma, oil revenue in Alaska, “magic mushrooms” in Washington, DC, marijuana legalization in South Dakota, and sex education in Washington State, as well as candidates Rick Just in Idaho, Nicole Breadon in Michigan and Ronetta Francis in Arkansas. We’re pulling for all of you even if we don’t offer official endorsements because we’re so above the fray.

More than anything, here’s to a peaceful transfer of power between whoever loses and whoever wins. Here’s to peaceful demonstrating by the masses. May all those who awoke this morning healthy go to sleep peacefully this evening.

Good luck.

What’s going to happen?!!?

It’s amazing what a moderate I’ve apparently become. Twenty years ago I felt like I was the only one warning of disaster, anarchy and tyranny, and now it seems everyone is doing it. What a bore! Now, if I want to remain a good dissenter, I have to claim that all will in fact be well, and that people won’t all go into the streets and kill each other. This sucks.

Incidentally, if the polls and common sense are to be trusted, Joe Biden is about to win a landslide victory and the Dems will ride into the Senate and the short-to-medium term political universe will look okay from my closet here in Maine.

Obviously, in the long-term we’ve still got massive problems that aren’t even being seriously looked at, such as our runaway capitalist economy that ensures poverty and excessive wealth inequality along with environmental collapse. That’s not going to change anytime soon, and it seems we’re locked into an unavoidable climate disaster and the best thing to do is burrow downward and build out a 5-star bunker. Until the apocalypse it can be an Airbnb.

I don’t think we’re going to have en masse violence in the streets unless Trump wins. If Trump pulls out another shocker, or successfully appeals the election and stays in power, there will be blood in the streets. But if my prediction that Biden wins handily holds, I don’t think there will be much violence. Probably some/more than ever before in our lives, but not much.

After Trump’s defeat, the Southern District of New York will close in on him for his alleged financial crimes and he’ll flee, possibly seeking asylum in Russia. I have a recurring daydream that on the day he’s indicted on multiple criminal charges, he’s seen in the Moscow airport, and later in the day we learn that Putin has had him arrested and is sending him to the U.S. to await trial. It would be the ultimate power move by Putin and the ultimate humiliation of Trump. A guy can dream, can’t he?

So put down your weapons folks. There’s not going to be an uprising. There’s nothing worth fighting over right now. It’s just Joe Biden.

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