Ep. 29 – Wonderful Wilderness Women

Great Old Broads for Wilderness Executive Director Shelley Silbert and Board Co-Chair Rynda Clark join Matt join a brief history of their work.

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About the guests:

Shelley Silbert, Executive Director – Shelley joined Broads in 2012, bringing 20 years of experience in the fields of conservation and sustainability. She served as Associate Director for San Juan Citizens Alliance from 2011–2012, Director of Strategic Initiatives at Northern Arizona University from 2003–2011 where she advanced environmental and Native American programs. From 1994–2003, she directed The Nature Conservancy’s Northern Arizona Program, managing three nature preserves and working on conservation priorities, ecological restoration, regional planning, and public open space campaigns. She grew up in Tennessee, and fell in love with the wide open spaces of the west on a backpacking trip. Fluent in Spanish, she has worked in various Latin American countries.

Shelley has an M.A. in Watershed Management (Dryland Forestry specializations) from the University of Arizona. As Executive Director, she is responsible for the implementation of the Strategic Plan and setting the vision and direction of the organization, along with the Board of Directors. She determines the wild lands advocacy agenda, achieves fundraising goals, and represents Broads to the media, to our members, to our partner organizations, and to the great wild world.

Rynda Clark, Board Co-Chair – Rynda Clark is passionate about wilderness, women, healing, and education. She directed the Department of Continuing Medical Education (CME) at UC San Diego for 17 years and was responsible for the needs assessment, planning, execution, and evaluation of national and international medical education programs.

After relocating to Central Oregon in 2007, Rynda began hiking with women in wilderness areas and rekindled her love for wild places that began when she was growing up in New Mexico. She shared, “…wilderness allowed me to connect with my health and spirituality in a way that nothing else did. I wanted to protect it for our future generations”.

Rynda was attracted Broads because of her love of wild things, but also for the humor, wisdom, and humility she witnessed from Broads members and staff. Three years ago, she volunteered to be the Co-lead for the newly forming Central Oregon Broadband chapter, where she helped build a shared leadership model that allows opportunities for many passions and visions. She also completed the Oregon Master Naturalist program to learn more about environmental issues in her region. Although Rynda stepped down from a Broadband leadership role, she continues active engagement with her chapter, and has join Broads’ Board of Directors.